Health & Fitness Food 2021’s enacted state legislation regarding food and food safety

2021’s enacted state legislation regarding food and food safety

2021’s enacted state legislation regarding food and food safety

With permission, we repost Doug Farquhar’s newest abstract of food and food security legislative actions by states.

By Doug Farquhar, JD

Negate legislatures introduced several hundred funds linked to food for the length of their 2021 legislative lessons. Nearly every vow introduced legislation concerning food. From food supply, hashish, and coronavirus to food freedom, vow legislatures heard about proposed policy adjustments to food felony pointers.

NEHA tracked 382 funds in 36 states, with 73 being enacted in 36 states. Most legislatures possess adjourned (aka sine die) for 2021.

NEHA known 73 funds enacted by vow legislatures in the 2021 legislative session concerning food security, along with funds linked to retail food, food supply, ingesting locations, raw milk, and food freedom felony pointers.

Cannabis in Foods

HB 325 establishes labeling necessities for cannabidiol merchandise.

Nevada enacted SB 114 (2021) that relates to hemp and authorizes the sale or production of food that comprises hemp at food establishments. The law requires the Department of Effectively being and Human Companies to undertake regulations linked to food that comprises hemp and prohibits food from being deemed as adulterated totally on account of such food comprises hemp.

In Virginia, HB 1430 and SB 918 (2021) develop the Industrial Hemp Fund that announces industrial hemp extract as a food, matters it to statutory necessities, and establishes standards for the manufacturing of industrial hemp extract. Industrial hemp is authorized as a food additive.

Raw Milk/Dairy

Alaska enacted HB 22 that relates to raw milk and a shared animal program.

Pennsylvania’s SB 434 affords for milk sell-by and intensely most practical-by date labeling.

Vermont enacted HB 218 (Act 22) that relates to the sale of unpasteurized raw milk.

Food Freedom/Cottage Foods

In the 2021 vow legislative lessons, 69 funds in 29 states had been linked to cottage meals that relaxed or eliminated food security necessities for retail meals. In total, 15 of these funds were enacted into law.

Alabama expanded its cottage meals law, permitting for online sales, removing the corrupt receipts cap, and requiring nutrition labeling (SB 160).

Arkansas additionally expanded its cottage food law to contain web sales (HB 1118). The vow enacted the Food Freedom Act that exempts producers of handmade food and drinks from licensure, certification, and inspection (SB 248).

California’s AB 831 would require a cottage food operation that advertises to label that the food is made or packaged in a house kitchen.

The Colorado legislature enacted SB 21-079 to deregulate meat sales. The act enables the sale of meat (rabbit, cattle, elk, sheep, hogs, bison, and goats, but now not fish) of a shared animal with out licensure, law, or inspection by a public successfully being agency.

Florida expanded its cottage food operation by increasing the annual corrupt sales, providing the sale of cottage meals throughout the mail, and preempting the law of cottage food operations by prohibiting native governments from regulating cottage meals operations (HB 663).

SB 2007 (Public Act 0633) in Illinois requires that cottage food operations discover particular food security necessities. The law requires native successfully being departments to register cottage food operations and enables them to pattern water vulnerable for such operations. The law requires every cottage food product that is shipped to be sealed in a manner that unearths tampering and prohibits a cottage food product from being shipped out of vow. It additionally exempts from vow law the sale of non-doubtlessly hazardous baked items by a non secular, charitable, or nonprofit group for fundraising applications. The bill comprises a house rule preemption.

The Indiana legislature requested ideas concerning dwelling-essentially based totally totally distributors from vow agencies (SB 185, P.L. 140).

Montana enacted the Native Food Need Act exempting handmade food producers from vow licensure, permitting, certification, and labeling necessities (SB 199, Chap. 04 30).

The Unique Mexico legislature enacted the Handmade Food Act (HB 177, Chap. 98) that establishes labeling necessities and exempts nonhazardous handmade food objects from law, moreover to preempts native oversight of handmade meals.

Oklahoma enacted HB 1032 that exempts the production and sale of handmade food merchandise from licensing and other necessities of the Negate Department of Effectively being and the Department of Agriculture, Food, and Forestry. Handmade food merchandise shall now not contain alcoholic drinks, unpasteurized milk, or hashish or marijuana merchandise.

In Utah, the legislature enacted HB 94 that enables for microenterprise dwelling kitchens.

Wyoming expanded its food freedom law by authorizing the sale of eggs and handmade meals in accordance with federal exemptions (HB 1118, Chap. 42).

Food Provide

A total of 5 states enacted felony pointers on food supply.

Arkansas enacted the Stunning Food Provide Act (HB 1426). Food supply must possess an agreement with a food facility to grab food orders and bring food orders prepared by the food facility to prospects.

Colorado’s SB 21-035 prohibits a third-celebration supply provider from arranging a pickup from a retail food institution with out their consent.

Unique Hampshire enacted HB 593 (Chap. 144) that requires food provider supply to enter into an agreement with the food institution or retail store before providing supply provider from that institution.

The Unique Jersey legislature enacted S 2437 (P.L. C 42) that limits provider prices charged to ingesting locations by third-celebration takeout and present operations for the length of COVID-19.

Texas SB 911 relates to the law of ingesting locations and third-celebration food supply services, along with the issuance of alcoholic beverage certificates to ingesting locations.

Food Deserts

Overall, four funds had been enacted on food deserts.

Maryland addressed food deserts (HB 831 and SB 723) throughout the institution of the Food Security Blueprint Resiliency Council to address the food insecurity crisis due to the the pandemic, produce ideas to develop the long-time length resiliency of the food intention, and produce a understanding to develop the production and procurement of vow-certified food by Nov. 1, 2021, (HB 831 and SB 723, Sess. 2021).

Maine enacted LD 691 to red meat up farms and address food insecurity.

In Utah, SB 141 calls for a activity force on food security.

The Unique York legislature is directing the Commissioner of Agriculture and Markets to web a yarn on the vow’s farm and food present concerning ways to bolster the resiliency of food present chain logistics to address food shortages, food wastes, and the shortcoming to web estate-grown food items to markets on account of the COVID-19 pandemic (AB 952 and SB 1305, Sess. 2021).

Food Donation and Present

Unique York
A 963, S 901 (Chap. 63) relates to supermarkets providing extra food to food support organizations.

Unique York A 1262, SB 878 (Chap. 15) relates to the vow working with the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) to receive approvals and produce online recent food procuring alternatives at some level of the vow.

Texas HB 1276 would lengthen web loyal of entry to to bulk food by permitting foodservice establishments to sell particular client food merchandise straight to a particular person.

West Virginia amended its vow farm bill (HB 2633, Chap. 7).

Meat Merchandise

Bills in 9 states had been enacted concerning meat merchandise.

Arkansas HB 1315 transfers the vow’s meat inspection program to the department of agriculture.

Maine’s LD 66 makes technical adjustments to the felony pointers governing the preparation of cattle and poultry merchandise for human consumption. The law prohibits the sale of horsemeat and limits the sale of meat to “cattle, sheep, swine, goats, or an exotic species outlined by the federal act, now not deer, rabbits, or equines” (HB 66, Sess. 2021). LD 77 authorizes the Maine Department of Marine Resources to fee an application rate for entering a lottery for a scallop license (HB 77, Sess. 2021).

Montana joined the Interstate Cooperative Meatpacking Compact (HB 336, Chap. 05 07).

Nebraska amended its Meat and Poultry Inspection Law. LB 324 would allow the acquisition of meat through an animal part contract — an possession passion in an animal or herd of animals created by a written contract between a client and a farmer or rancher. The meat sold must be inspected by USDA; nonetheless, the law would allow a producer to sell functions of meat to customers under a custom exemption in federal law.

Virginia’s HB 1353 (Chap. 0318) updates present code concerning the Federal Meat Inspection Act and the Federal Poultry Merchandise Inspection Act. Virginia additionally enacted HB 1448, SB 791 (Chap. 0201) concerning the administration of the menhaden fishery to discover the Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission Interstate Fishery Administration Conception for Atlantic Menhaden.

Wyoming’s HB 51 (Chap. 155) authorizes a vow executive program to develop and offers a get to meat processing capabilities. HB 54 (Chap. 44) amends the tasks of the Wyoming industry council to require red meat up for producers in the agriculture and meat processing industry, expands permissible loans and grants to Wyoming meat producers and processors, and limits vow rulemaking authority linked to meat processing.

Micro Markets

enacted SB 20 concerning micro-market food sales. The law specifies that a “merchandising machine” involves a self-provider tool that can also also be activated by manner of a application application on a smartphone. The law additionally affords that an owner or operator of a micro-market must articulate the corporation or native successfully being department the set the micro-market is found no later than 10 industry days after the set up of the market.

Retail Foods

enacted AB 831, amending its retail food code by increasing the foodservice functions of a charitable feeding operation to contain commercially prepared hazardous chilly or frozen meals. It additionally would authorize satellite food services to characteristic within a eternal food facility and makes pushcarts exempt from mechanical exhaust ventilation tools necessities.

Oklahoma’s HB 1772 requires the Negate Board of Effectively being to web a multi-seasonal license for snow cone stands that sell hot drinks moreover to snow cones.

Texas S.B. 617 defines a “producer,” as a one that added cost to the food product the particular person is promoting and clarifies that farmers’ markets must possess a majority of their distributors who are farmers or food producers promoting food straight to customers. The bill would recompense farmers’ market distributors for his or her expense in bringing suit to put in force the law if obligatory.

Supplement Food map and Assistance Program (SNAP)

Licensed pointers about SNAP had been enacted in 5 states.

Connecticut’s HB 6385 involves chicken eggs as segment of the vow’s Farmers Market/WIC and Senior Food map Program. Hawaii’s SB 512 (Act 177) removes the $10/day cap on the vow’s healthy food incentive program. The law additionally enables successfully being proteins for get rid of under this blueprint.

The Maryland legislature enacted SB 913 that establishes the Warmth and Expend Program within SNAP, increasing food web loyal of entry to and discovering out whether SNAP recipients can also also be robotically eligible for the vow’s Vitality Assistance Program.

Unique Jersey’s A 4240 (P.L. C 93) affords a technological strengthen to the SNAP application job. The vow’s AB 5405 (P.L. C 67) appropriates $10 million to red meat up food financial institution organizations.

Tennessee’s SB 751 (Chap. 515) establishes fines for particular offenses linked to fraudulently acquiring food aid.

Water Bottle Filling Stations

HB 132 requires newly constructed public college constructions to be geared up with water bottle filling stations.

Editors Reward: Doug Farquhar is the director of Authorities Affairs on the National Environmental Effectively being Affiliation in Denver.  Farquhar beforehand change into as soon as the long-time director of the Environmental Effectively being Program on the National

NEHA’s Doug Farquhar

Conference of Negate Legislatures. At NCSL, Farquhar helped produce tools that improved the non-partisan policy shop’s capacity to trace vow legislative actions in proper-time. He change into as soon as generous in sharing that work with Food Security News when he change into as soon as at NCLS and we are happy to yarn he remains to be critical to us at NEHA.

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