• A Contemporary York man acknowledged he used to be fired by Trader Joe’s after he requested the firm execute adjustments to better give protection to workers.
  • Ben Bonnema acknowledged on Twitter he used to be fired after sending a letter to the firm’s CEO.
  • Within the termination letter he shared, the firm acknowledged he didn’t allotment the grocery chain’s “core Values.”
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A Contemporary York City man acknowledged he used to be fired by Trader Joe’s after he sent a letter to the firm’s CEO soliciting for the firm execute a few adjustments he acknowledged would more thoroughly give protection to the grocery chain’s workers from COVID-19. 

In a tweet Friday evening, Ben Bonnema acknowledged he used to be fired from the Trader Joe’s discipline on Contemporary York City’s Higher West Aspect after he sent a letter to Dan Bane, the CEO of Trader Joe’s. Bonnema outlined adjustments he believed the firm must implement to extra give protection to personnel from the airborne spread of the unconventional coronavirus.

Bonnema didn’t directly answer to Insider’s demand for observation Saturday. A spokesperson for Trader Joe’s called Bonnema’s sage of his firing “misinformation.” 

Within the letter, which Bonnema shared on Twitter, Bonnema requested for five adjustments in his Trader Joe’s store, including enhancements to the shop’s HVAC diagram, an occupancy limit consistent with the level of CO2 in the shop, more stringent face conceal requirements for customers, and a 3-strike policy for customers who refuse to note COVID-19 protocol. 

“Unfortunately, ASHRAE and the CDC and OSHA own downplayed the hazards of aerosols for the reason that pandemic’s origins, so asserting that Trader Joe’s ‘exceeds their standards’ is now not in actuality appropriate ample,” he wrote in the letter.

—Ben Bonnema (@BenBonnema) February 26, 2021

“We needs to be following the guidelines of scientists who seek respiratory transmission,” he added, including a hyperlink to a February 17 article from The Contemporary York Instances that reported a neighborhood of 13 scientists had called on the Biden administration to release rules to limit airborne transmissions of the virus in locations esteem meat-packing plant life and prisons.

“We establish our lives on the road every single day by showing as much as work,” he wrote. “Please, dispute up for us by adopting these insurance policies.” 

However Bonnema acknowledged Trader Joe’s terminated him after sending the letter on behalf of his coworkers and shared his termination letter, dated Friday, February 26, on Twitter.

“In a contemporary electronic mail, you indicate adopting a ‘3 strike’ policy against customers and a policy imposing the same accommodation for every buyer with a clinical condition that precludes them from sporting a conceal,” the termination letter read.

In Bonnema’s letter to the CEO, he had called for the firm to put in force conceal utilization — even in the cases of clinical exemptions, that are frequently illegitimate, writing that Trader Joe’s workers can accommodate such other people by having a take into sage on their behalf.

“These ideas aren’t per our core Values,” the termination letter persevered. “Moreover, you recount that Trader Joe’s is now not ‘showing up for us’ with out adopting your insurance policies.”

“It is sure that you just form now not establish our Values. In consequence, we’re now not relaxed having you work for Trader Joe’s,” the letter concluded.

In an announcement, a spokesperson for Trader Joe’s informed Insider Saturday: “We now own on no account, and would on no account, cease a Crew Member’s employment for elevating safety considerations,” adding “store management terminated this Crew Member’s employment thanks to the disrespect he confirmed against our customers.”

“Nothing is more crucial at Trader Joe’s than the safety of our Crew Participants and customers,” the spokesperson acknowledged. “We relief all Crew Participants to rob an inviting role in store safety, and allotment their ideas with management. All over his quick tenure with Trader Joe’s, this Crew Member’s ideas were listened to, and properly addressed.” 

A neighborhood of Trader Joe’s workers promoting a workers union for the grocery store voiced enhance for Bonnema on Twitter. “We now own spoken with @BenBonnema and are extending unequivocal enhance and team spirit. We won’t be providing observation delivery air what Ben decides to allotment, nonetheless are supporting him in every capacity that you just’re going to also factor in on this combat,” Crew for a Trader Joe’s Union acknowledged. 

Retail and grocery workers were hailed as heroes early in the pandemic, as they worked to preserve main businesses operational for the length of the lockdown. However protections for retail workers remain stale in the US, and loads workers and labor activists own called for corporations to form more.

Bonnema’s claims would now not be the significant time workers of Trader Joe’s complained about their safety for the length of the pandemic. In November 2020, workers of the grocery chain informed Gothamist they were in a “recount of fright” and claimed the firm used to be now not neatly holding workers from the spread of the disease.

Workers of a few Contemporary York City Trader Joe’s locations, including the one on the Higher West Aspect, informed Gothamist closing yr they were petrified of punishment from administration must they explain considerations.

In a press release earlier in February, Trader Joe’s outlined the method in which it acknowledged it used to be holding workers and customers from COVID-19, including requiring face masks for most customers (and providing lodging for people who were medically unable), providing masks and gloves to personnel, neatly being screenings for employees, and increased cleaning at its stores. 

“The safety and wellbeing of our Crew Participants and customers is, and repeatedly will doubtless be, top of thoughts,” a spokesperson for Trader Joe’s informed Gothamist closing yr.  

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