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‘SNL’ stars grab fight between Bill Murray and Chevy Crawl: ‘Very unhappy and painful and unpleasant’

Jane Curtin and Laraine Newman, stars of Saturday Night Dwell when the explain used to be in its infancy, looked on Search for What Happens Dwell With Andy Cohen Thursday, where they spoke about the fight between Bill Murray and Chevy Crawl in 1978. After leaving the explain, Crawl had returned to host. Murray and Crawl exchanged some deeply hurtful phrases following costume rehearsal, which soon resulted in a physical altercation proper minutes sooner than Crawl took the stage to stutter the monologue. “I think Jane and I, and Gilda both witnessed it,” Newman mentioned. “But, ya know, it used to be very unhappy and painful and unpleasant.” “It used to be that unhappy roughly force that you can accumulate in a household,” Curtin added, “and everyone goes to their corners due to they develop not want to must deal with the stress, and it used to be miserable. You would possibly presumably perhaps ticket, , there had been these two bull mooses (sic) going at each and every assorted, so the testosterone used to be surging and stuff occurs.”

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