On Tuesday, February 2, Jeff Bezos announced that he would be stepping down as Amazon’s CEO later this three hundred and sixty five days (even though he’s going to preserve with the firm as he transitions accurate into a activity as executive chairman of Amazon’s board). In his statement, Bezos famed that he used to be taking a see forward to having “the time and vitality I like to level of curiosity on the Day 1 Fund, the Bezos Earth Fund, Blue Origin, The Washington Submit, and my assorted passions.” He continued, “I’ve never had extra vitality, and this isn’t about retiring. I’m wide eager referring to the impact I deem these organizations can like.”

Blue Origin. Bezos founded the home firm in 2000, and it’s got some exquisite immense achievements beneath its belt: with its New Shepard rocket, it pulled off the predominant a success vertical landing of a rocket that had long gone to home (properly, suborbital home), and it reused that booster four extra cases. 

But for essentially the most section, Blue Origin is falling within the support of its chums. SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rocket (reusable, and in a position to going the total manner into orbit) has flown extra than 100 missions, with a outstanding display screen file of success since 2016. Its Falcon Heavy is the strongest rocket on the present time. Even smaller corporations can boast extra industry than Blue Origin. Rocket Lab, for instance, has close to perfected the invent of its gentle-weight Electron rocket, which capabilities 3D-printed engines which are more cost-effective and faster to avoid wasting. In 18 missions, Electron has delivered extra satellites into home than Blue Origin. And it’s already got plans to ship a probe to Venus in about a years.

Blue Origin would possibly perchance uncover up, even though. Several unusual projects beneath manner would possibly perchance set up the firm to in the end launch competing straight away with SpaceX and others, and generate accurate income from a typical line of customers (no extra selling off Amazon stock to fund it). Having Bezos extra alive to on the day-to-day will likely be a immense asset in securing these customers and inking contracts that in fact set the firm on the map. 

Listed below are the six ongoing Blue Origin projects that Bezos would possibly perchance bolster now that he has extra time on his hands. 

Human spaceflight

New Shepard used to be developed with one predominant neutral in thoughts: to safely and cost effectively ship folk into home on suborbital missions, the set up they’ll also simply use a brief time in microgravity and delight within the peep of the planet from excessive up. In its original invent, it need with a belief to grab six passengers straight away on these missions. 

The firm hoped for a crewed New Shepard flight in 2019. That didn’t occur. And the pandemic set a stop to loads of the firm’s originate actions in 2020. Every person’s waiting patiently to seek if 2021 is the golden three hundred and sixty five days, nonetheless that appears exquisite now no longer going within the period in-between

Bezos himself can’t attain the relaxation to tempo up testing and trend of New Shepard and uncover it intelligent for human spaceflight. But the equivalent manner Musk is an evangelist for producing hobby in SpaceX, Bezos would possibly perchance play the equivalent role by being the salesperson he is, getting folk attracted to reserving tickets to home and publicizing the firm’s work extra aggressively. If Blue Origin needs to dominate the home tourism market, now would possibly perchance well be as correct a time as any.

Getting New Glenn off the ground 

New Glenn is the set up the precise enjoyable starts. Respect the Falcon Heavy, New Glenn is a heavy-snatch rocket with a reusable first-stage booster, supposed to ship satellites into orbit. The firm is targeting this three hundred and sixty five days for New Glenn’s inaugural originate. 

Again, Bezos can’t attain the relaxation to tempo up that timetable. But what he would possibly perchance attain is use extra time going after customers. Appropriate now, Blue Origin has a handful of contracts to originate business satellites. But it’s going to need a accurate circulation of missions to elaborate New Glenn’s existence and begin making cash. Now would be a correct time for Bezos to set these billionaire connections to utilize.

Satellites, satellites, satellites

And there must silent be quite loads of customers who are . It’s more cost-effective than ever to possess a satellite. We can save them lighter and further compact than ever earlier than, so it’s a long way more uncomplicated to ship them into home. 

When New Glenn starts flying, it must snatch a cue from SpaceX and belief run-fragment missions that originate dozens or even hundreds of payloads into orbit straight away. Leadership would possibly perchance are searching to launch preparing this form of mode if it hopes to be a stable player within the originate provider market. 

Mission Kuiper

Talking of satellites, we’re poised to seek Blue Origin launching loads extra of its possess payloads into orbit as soon as New Glenn can cruise. Introducing Mission Kuiper: an Amazon spinoff that must dwelling up a satellite constellation to present excessive-tempo web to folk around the arena. Sounds familiar, simply?

Whereas Kuiper’s proposed 3,236-satellite constellation will likely be a long way now no longer up to the 12,000 Starlink satellites SpaceX is planning to originate, that’s silent a hefty number. And perchance Bezos can use Kuiper’s gradual arrival to encourage away from SpaceX’s mistakes with Starlink—namely, now no longer disrupting astronomy around the arena, and finding ways to prepare all that orbital congestion to allay fears about collisions that would possibly perchance flip Earth’s orbit into unhealthy minefield. Whereas we can are anticipating Blue Origin to play a immense role in Kuiper satellite launches, Bezos has acknowledged that he’s originate to the usage of assorted rockets if wanted, so now would possibly perchance furthermore be a correct time to seek what’s accessible.

Blue Moon and Artemis

Blue Origin doesn’t factual wanna follow Earth’s orbit. It needs to head to the moon. And it needs to abet NASA uncover there too. Realizing to be one of many firm’s greatest projects is Blue Moon, a lunar lander that is speculated to preserve cargo to boot to folk. Blue Origin is working with Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, and Draper on a bigger thought that they yelp NASA would possibly perchance use to safely snatch astronauts to the skin beneath its Artemis program. Substances of the system would be reusable, and would maybe also simply mix properly with NASA’s Gateway home web site in lunar orbit. 

The Blue Origin–led proposal looks higher positioned to be chosen by NASA than SpaceX’s (even though Dynetics has furthermore impressed the company). But NASA beneath the Biden administration has delayed series of a lunar lander because it reevaluates the Artemis program’s timetable and 2024 target for a moon mission. 

That is correct! It affords Blue Origin extra time to properly test Blue Moon, work extra closely with its partners on the venture, and perchance uncover assorted ways to possess on these technologies for assorted capabilities. 


Lastly, one of Blue Origin’s greatest strengths has been its rocket engines, seriously the BE-4. Every New Glenn rocket will use the BE-4 engine, and so will United Commence Alliance’s upcoming Vulcan rocket (you don’t persistently gape a rocket firm flip to its competitor for intention). The engine will likely be going into home later this three hundred and sixty five days for the predominant time, either on Vulcan or on New Glenn. 

All over all as soon as more, Bezos would possibly perchance play a bigger role in getting assorted aerospace corporations to launch incorporating BE-4 extra broadly in their possess programs.

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