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Chamath Palihapitiya, whose tech pedigree and iconoclastic pronouncements about investing has made him one of primarily the most closely watched merchants in the non-public and public markets, now has equally considerable abs. Call it the “six-SPAC.”

On Wednesday, the investor and serial SPAC-er tweeted a shirtless selfie featuring a chiseled, put up-shriek abdomen.

The put up used to be in response to a tech parody yarn’s tweet describing Jeff Bezos as having the “superb male physique.” The tweet reveals the Amazon founder (who announced plans  on Tuesday to present up the CEO title), sporting a fitted polo and sun shades.

Palihapitiya had something to claim about that, posting his shriek selfie as a rejoinder. For the caption he wrote, “You are welcome.”

—Chamath Palihapitiya (@chamath) February 3, 2021

And for about a hours, the anxieties of making it thru a virulent illness ragged away. Palihapitiya’s thirst lure used to be all any individual — or no longer no longer as a lot as contributors of the tech Twitterati — would possibly perhaps perhaps well focus on about. And the jokes had been apt about as gratifying.

“A VC thirst lure is in point of fact known as a ‘liquidation preference,'” solo capitalist Alexia Bonatsos tweeted.

“This is no longer onlyfans,” angel investor Li Jin said, referencing the pay-for-play erotica web web deliver. 

Karn Saroya, cofounder and chief govt officer of Duvet, teased that abs will change into a brand new standards for merchants.

—Karn Saroya (@karnsaroya) February 4, 2021

We additionally appreciated this timeline from Matt Turck, a partner at FirstMark:

—Matt Turck (@mattturck) February 4, 2021

No longer to be outdone, fintech investor Sheel Mohnot shared his receive topless selfie in Hawaiian swim trunks and sneakers.

—Sheel Mohnot (@pitdesi) February 3, 2021

No longer everyone used to be impressed

Assorted tweets admonished the investor for posting a shirtless selfie on Twitter, the industry’s virtual water cooler.

“2021 is difficult ample let’s apt no longer with the shirtless VCs,” Kim Taylor, founder and chief govt officer of Cluster, a web-based marketplace for mechanical and electrical engineers shopping for jobs, tweeted.

“Men of VC: let’s stay posting topless photos of ourselves on this web web deliver,” Hustle Fund cofounder Eric Bahn added.

Chamath adheres to a strict diet and fitness regime

Restful, or no longer it is strong to knock the routine that’s responsible for Palihapitiya’s bod, which he additionally shared in a follow-up tweet.

  • 2 days per week, he runs, lifts weights, and performs ab workout routines
  • 2 days per week, he runs and practices Pilates for mobility and suppleness
  • 1 day per week, he containers
  • 2 days per week, he takes a slack crawl with his family

Palihapitiya additionally said he eats “clear” with two “cheat meals” per week. And whereas he shuns beer, alcohol, treatment, and dessert, he treats himself to a tumbler or two of wine now and again and in point of fact sad chocolate. He prefers 85% cacao.

And the predominant to his Thor-take care of physique: “Sleep 6-8 hrs!” Palihapitiya tweeted. “No sleep aids.”

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