Sports Darrelle Revis insists he didn’t enjoy Patriots tenure despite Super Bowl title

Darrelle Revis insists he didn’t enjoy Patriots tenure despite Super Bowl title

Darrelle Revis insists he didn’t enjoy Patriots tenure despite Super Bowl title

Why Darrelle Revis didn’t admire enjoying for Pats no topic SB victory initially regarded on NBC Sports Boston

Successful cures all, correct? Now now not necessarily for Darrelle Revis.

The veteran Respectable Bowl cornerback spent one season with the Fresh England Patriots in 2014 and emerged with a Chunky Bowl ring, his completely championship in his 11-12 months NFL occupation. But no topic that a hit end result, Revis interestingly didn’t like many fond recollections from that season.

“No person likes it within the locker room. Correct being correct, no person likes it,” Revis said on a brand contemporary episode of the “I Am Athlete” podcast.

When co-host Channing Crowder asked Revis if a hit perhaps made him profit from his Patriots journey a diminutive bit extra, the retired cornerback doubled down.

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“No, I did no longer,” Revis said. “You perceive, I’m elated for the grind and the hustle of a hit Chunky Bowl 49, but you perceive waking up each and daily and walking into the flexibility and having to take care of the stress, you survey why they’ve been to ten Chunky Bowls. You survey the hustle and the grind of it, but at the discontinuance of the day, there’s varied philosophies to bewitch and it would now not have to be that formula.”

Revis is rarely any longer the completely ex-Patriot with this opinion of Fresh England. Weak linebacker Cassius Marsh said no longer too lengthy ago that the Patriots treat their players “admire crap,” while working reduction LeGarrette Blount essential his experiences in Fresh England and Philadelphia like been “night and day.”

Revis also pointed out the cultural differences between Bill Belichick’s Patriots and the Jets below Rex Ryan, who coached Revis for five seasons in Fresh York. And while the Jets like been barely above .500 all over these five seasons, Revis collected most neatly-appreciated that culture to Fresh England.

“Rex is a diminutive bit bit extra free,” Revis said. “He likes canines, he wants you to pass available and play laborious, bustle into a wall, that is stunning. But there’s relatively a few files occurring correct now with Bill, when it involves him and (Patriots owner) Mr. (Robert) Kraft, and there’s relatively a few stuff surfacing correct now.

“…For individuals that play with the Fresh England Patriots, there’s relatively a few strain each and each time you stroll within the door since it is relatively a few stress, it is relatively a few noise occurring within the background where, [with] how the crew is [run], it is unknown. You do now not know what Mr. Kraft is doing; you do now not know what Bill’s doing.”

As veteran Patriots wide receiver Deion Division said no longer too lengthy ago, Fresh England “is now not always with out a doubt for every and each player.” Experiences about stress between Belichick, Kraft and veteran quarterback Tom Brady notwithstanding, Revis clearly falls into the camp of players who would relatively be some other build — although it methodology less crew success.

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