Magnolia resident Cameron Corbett, 25, formed a special relationship with the considerable individual quarterback and the team the Philadelphia Eagles face within the principle spherical of the playoffs Sunday.

Some of the players on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers apply Corbett on Instagram.

This contains considerable individual receiver and old college Buc Antonio Brown, who has 6.2 million followers and no longer too long ago posted a photograph of him with Ye, the artist formerly is named Kanye West.

Corbett constructed a reference to the Buccaneers closing summer within the course of coaching camp when he interned as an athletic trainer.

“I obtained to glimpse Tom Brady get well each day,” Corbett said. “I obtained to glimpse Delaware’s accept as true with Chris Godwin expose me that he’s belief to be one of the correct players to ever reach from Delaware. It used to be surreal.”

Gronk: ‘Yo, Cam is a considerable individual!’

The Caesar Rodney High Faculty alum reminisced about the time considerable individual tight end Take Gronkowski stole his cell phone within the Bucs locker room closing summer.

“He said, ‘That’s where I keep in mind you from; you look familiar. You’re Duron’s cousin,’ ” Corbett recalled. He had shown Gronk a photograph of himself along with his cousin Duron Harmon, who played for the Patriots.

“He took my cell phone and he ran across the whole locker room. He confirmed it to O.J. Howard. He confirmed a pair of of the defensive players. He used to be love, ‘Yo, Cam is a considerable individual!’”

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From that level on, Corbett said, he and Gronk jelled.

Gronk’s powerful-kid persona is as valid in individual as it is in his TV commercials, Corbett said. Throughout the internship, he didn’t peek the tight end dangle a negative interplay with any of his teammates, he said.

“He’ll snigger. He’ll smile. He’ll screech something to me and support on going, and I’ll screech something motivate to him and we’ll snigger,” Corbett said.

“He used to be in point of fact a whole-hearted individual. He would consult with me love he cared about me, love he knew me.”

Assembly Brady, ‘we repeatedly clicked’

Rising up, Corbett used to be keen on Tom Brady. Now he’s a whole air conditioner.

The 25-year-stale desperately wished to expose himself within the course of the internship, and he knew he’d attain that by working his tail off and treating the athletes love traditional people.

Sooner or later he used to be within the nutrition room with one other intern when Brady walked in.

Corbett knew he couldn’t act considerable individual-struck.

“[Brady] said, ‘Hey, how are ya’ll doing?’ I said, ‘I’m doing comely,’ ” said Corbett, who earned his master’s level in athletic coaching from West Chester University in 2021.

He took the opportunity to strike up a dialog with the three-time MVP.

“I said, ‘Hey, you know my relative?’ [Brady] used to be love, ‘Who’s your relative?’ I said, ‘Duron Harmon’ and he said, ‘Oh, Du – I love Du. He said, ‘That’s an actual comely man. I love his family. Please listing him I asked for him.’

“Ever since then, we repeatedly clicked. Anytime we walked past each and every quite a pair of or saw each and every quite a pair of, we repeatedly clicked.”

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Dr. Katherine Morrison, chair of the department of medication at West Chester University, wasn’t bowled over that stars on the Bucs connected with Corbett.

“It makes me smile because that’s precisely what I saw with him. I mean, Cam used to be valid so incredible,” Morrison said. “Once I would inch all the plan in which down to the athletic coaching room, I would look his interplay with the athletes. He valid cared. He used to be contemporary. You’ll be in a purpose to listing his motivation to again them used to be official.”

Duron Harmon calls cousin ‘humble’

Now with the Atlanta Falcons, Harmon said his cousin made impression in Tampa Bay because he set within the work.

“I wager me being teammates with Tom, Gronk and Antonio [Brown] had minute or no to attain with how they felt about Cam,” Harmon said this week, within the future after the Falcons’ season ended.

“At the tip of the day, must you are within the National Football League, or no longer it is a industry and the whole lot is evaluated: How dangle you dangle your job? Enact you dangle your job nicely? Are you consistent? I wager Cameron used to be doing his job at an especially high stage. Will dangle to you dangle that, persons are drawn to you.”

He said it doesn’t injure that his cousin possesses a quite a pair of quality.

“He also has the personality,” Harmon said. “He is a truly humble being. He works laborious. He needs to be mammoth at his craft.”

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Antonio Brown ‘certainly helped me’

With 6.2 million followers on Instagram, Antonio Brown is following most productive 459 people.

For sure one of them is Corbett.

Brown has been within the guidelines no longer too long ago, mostly for leaving the self-discipline within the course of a sport. Corbett said he obtained to look a quite a pair of side of Brown.

“[Brown] used to be mentor to me. He certainly helped me, a younger Black man from Delaware.”

He said Brown helped him network over the summer with TB12, Tom Brady’s wellness ticket. The company has a efficiency and recovery facility in Tampa.

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Corbett got a job offer to be an athletic trainer with TB12 within the plunge. He said AB Facetimed him with the guidelines.

He’s going to commence up after he passes his certification exam and turns into licensed.

Brady could change into his boss

Throughout Corbett’s internship with the Bucs, he used to be assigned to work with the team’s working backs within the sizzling Florida heat.

He worked seven days per week and his day began at 5 a.m. and on the whole wouldn’t end except around 7 p.m. Throughout preseason games, he said, his day could no longer end except 2 or 3 a.m.

His tasks included helping athletes rehab, gain warmed up, taped, wrapped and stop hydrated.

In disclose to stand out, Corbett said, he’d hustle to gain instruments and water bottles to players.

Tom Brady will lead the Tampa Bay Buccaneers against the Philadelphia Eagles in the first round of  the NFL playoffs on Sunday, his first time playing against them since losing to them in  Super Bowl LII at U.S. Bank Stadium on Feb. 4, 2018 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Brady is pictured reacting to fumble during Super Bowl LII.

Tom Brady will lead the Tampa Bay Buccaneers against the Philadelphia Eagles within the principle spherical of the NFL playoffs on Sunday, his first time playing against them since losing to them in Huge Bowl LII at U.S. Bank Stadium on Feb. 4, 2018 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Brady is pictured reacting to fumble within the course of Huge Bowl LII.

One time Brady asked if Corbett can also gain him one other wristband because his obtained so sweaty that he couldn’t read his playbook.

“It took me no longer even one minute to bustle there and reach motivate. I sprinted,” he said. “That’s Tom Brady. I are seeking to stop right here, no longer valid match in.”

Morrison said that roughly determination from Corbett is how he obtained her over at West Chester.

“I never puzzled his work ethic or his motivation,” she said. “He knew grind, which, you know, that’s how work is often. It could perchance also additionally be a grind. He knew dangle that and never complained. He valid brought something to the ambiance that used to be definite.”

Corbett said he sends motivational texts and messages to a pair of the fellows sooner than games, valid as he does along with his three-time Huge Bowl-a success cousin, Harmon.

He said hopes he can pass his certification exam as soon as doable so he can work with TB12.

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Harmon, who has worked with TB12 within the course of his Patriot days, said Corbett might perchance per chance be in comely hands in Tampa. “They did job of helping me continue to stop wholesome and gain on the self-discipline and fabricate at a high stage,” Harmon said.

“I’m certainly infected for Cam and it might perchance per chance be starting up situation for him so that he can continue to learn his craft and master his craft. So that he can also additionally be the correct athletic trainer that he can also additionally be,” his cousin said.

Meanwhile, Corbett said it’s a no-brainer who he’s going to root for when the Bucs play the Eagles in Tampa on Sunday.

“I’m gonna cheer for the Bucs because they employed me [over the summer]. And I’ve repeatedly been a Tom Brady fan, per chance thanks to Duron.”

The NFL Wildcard sport between the Philadelphia Eagles and Tampa Bay Buccaneers will be broadcast on FOX at 1 p.m. Sunday.

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