Health & Fitness Food Finding sympathy in the statistics: Views from Dave Theno Fellow Jaime Ragos

Finding sympathy in the statistics: Views from Dave Theno Fellow Jaime Ragos

Finding sympathy in the statistics: Views from Dave Theno Fellow Jaime Ragos
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Statistics never fable for the trauma or years of struggling that apply foodborne diseases. While here, at Food Safety News, we strive to wait on you instructed of the numbers, the recalls, and the science, we also acknowledge that the greatest side of food security is protecting lives.

How will we win folks’s attention and produce them spend money on finding out and working out food security? By showing them the non-public tales of of us which had been affected.

Jaime Ragos

“You’re feeling the affect as soon as you talk over with any individual about these tales, you feel the grief and bother,” 2019-2021 Dave Theno Fellow Jaime Ragos advised Food Safety News. “I know for me, the greatest one is every time I hear about a mother miscarrying a child from Listeria. It may maybe actually well well comprise to even comprise came about 20 years within the past, and so they aloof feel the bother of shedding that child.”

Dave Theno knew this. It became a child victim that changed his lifestyles and led him to devote his lifestyles to food security.

Dave Theno

Theno became a senior vice president and chief food security officer for Jack-in-the-Box in 1993, hired after the instant-food chain became reeling from a broad and lethal outbreak of E. coli O157:H7. Four adolescents died in that outbreak which had extra than 600 victims confirmed infected from undercooked hamburgers. Many of the victims had been younger adolescents. Many of them had been left with serious, lifelong issues that required ongoing clinical medication.

Regarded as one of the most victims became 9-year-old Lauren Beth Rudolph. She died in her mother’s arms Dec. 28, 1992. Theno carried a photo of Lauren Beth in his pockets from 1993 till he died in 2017, when a rogue wave hit him whereas swimming in Hawaii.

Lauren Beth Rudolph

Lauren Rudolph’s affect on Dave Theno lives on today time by the Theno Food Safety Fellowship. The Fellowship affords a probability for a younger food scientist to work with the Conclude Foodborne Illness group’s professionals and to be taught from contributors of the prolonged STOP community about the right-world successfully being penalties of failures in food security. STOP is a public successfully being non-profit group, which, since 1994, has centered efforts on telling the “why” of food security with private tales. 

The fellowship entails housing, pay and advantages; and it requires that the fellow work paunchy time for STOP and full a 12-credit Online Food Safety Certificates program with Michigan Command University (MSU).

The 2019-2021 Dave Theno Food Safety Fellow, Jaime Ragos, had a certain multi-disciplined undergraduate skills that made her an improbable fellow recipient — working in analysis programs at the University of Tennessee’s Division of Diet, the Division of Food Science and Know-how, and the Division of Food Science and Know-how. She also participated in analysis at the Smith World Center in Guatemala and at the North Carolina Command University within the Division of Food, Bioprocessing, and Diet Science.

While working as a fellow with STOP, Ragos wished to keep the non-public charges of neglecting food security. So with MSU, she created a graduate direction for MSU’s online food security program centered specifically on growing a food security culture. All the intention in which by the class she brought in food poisoning victims to talk about their experiences.

“It puts a face to the statistics,” Ragos acknowledged. “It in truth puts a face to the total bother and struggling that any individual has long previous by. In our direction, we interviewed one man who bought listeria from a frozen dairy product. And now, he sees his lifestyles as pre-illness and post-illness. Because now he’s self-aware of his speech, on fable of he struggles with talking now, and it takes him loads longer to trot.”

Ragos hopes that sharing these tales will lead to an improved food security culture, whereby folks and corporations are dedicated to food security on fable of they know the affect it has on folks’s lives.

Ragos is now heading to Taiwan as a Fulbright Pupil. She is at notify making exercise of to clinical colleges.

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