Health & Fitness Food Government gets extra time to reply to Michael Parnell’s post hearing response

Government gets extra time to reply to Michael Parnell’s post hearing response

Government gets extra time to reply to Michael Parnell’s post hearing response

U.S. Justice of the Peace Mediate Thomas Q. Langstaff is giving the authorities until Oct. 22 to answer to a post-listening to transient for Michael Parnell. Department of Justice (DOJ) trial attorney Speare I. Hodges needs an extra week “due to the the complexity of the points and scheduling conflicts..”

Arguments will doubtless be closed when the authorities information its answer to Parnell’s post-listening to statements. Parnell, 62, prepared and submitted his Skedaddle 2255 on Nov. 13, 2019, from his federal penal advanced cell at Citadel Dix, NJ. He is on the lookout for to vacate his conviction and sentence.

Parnell has a exiguous bigger than ten years remaining on his 20-yr sentence and a projected unlock date of Sept.30, 2032.

A jury convicted Parnell, his brother Stewart and Mary Wilkerson in 2014. All three were associated with the now-defunct Peanut Corporation of The usa, and PCA’s peanut processing plant at Blakely, GA. It turned into the supply of a multistate Salmonella outbreak in 2008-09 with multiple deaths.

The jury convicted Michael Parnell of fraud and conspiracy with multiple counts of introducing adulterated food into interstate commerce.

In his hand-written movement, Parnell argued he turned into denied efficient assistance of counsel for no longer on the lookout for a trade of venue for the 2014 jury trial and for failure to strike for reason jurors who knew the Salmonella outbreak resulted in deaths.

While he started alone, Parnell is no longer ending alone. By the in-particular person listening to last Could possibly, he’s picked up two Virginia attorneys to compile his case. They’re Charlottesville attorney Elliot M Harding and Richmond attorney William J. Dinkin.

Harding and Dinkin did before every thing submit a post-listening to response transient that exceeded the maximum be aware or web page limit, however they were allowed to edit it the total formulation down to 26 pages.

The authorities did answer to Stewart Parnell’s post-listening to response transient on Oct. 8. His petition turned into filed by attorneys Amy Levin Weil of Atlanta, and Amy Lee Copeland of Savannah. It followed the Michael Parnell movement by handiest a couple of weeks, and the Justice of the Peace Mediate heard arguments for both motions all the draw thru in-particular person hearings in Could possibly in Albany, GA.

The listening to anecdote and all written arguments got to the Justice of the Peace Mediate, who has made suggestions to the Heart District Court, where the jury trial and sentencing happened. Langstazff made just a few procedural rulings all the draw thru the PCA prison prosecution. The trial judge turned into W. Louis Sands, who’s on “senior region” with the Heart District.

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