About 2,200 meals incidents were detected in 2021 in a intention ragged to computer screen problems originate air Hong Kong.

The Centre for Meals Safety (CFS) makes employ of the Meals Incident Surveillance Arrangement (FISS) to file occasions and detect the aptitude home impact on the native folks. More than 2,000 incidents were identified in 2020.

CFS experiences import info, communicates with abroad authorities in regards to the export file of the affected products to Hong Kong as properly as contacting native traders to study sales.

The company could well per chance moreover anguish an alert to converse the public of the incident and present advice to folks which could well have the affected objects. If implicated products come in on the native market, CFS would sing traders to cease sales, fetch them from cabinets and anguish a make a selection.

In 2021, CFS issued meals incident posts and signals inspiring chemical hazards equivalent to steel contaminants, toxins, undeclared allergens; microbiological hazards fancy Listeria, Salmonella and E. coli; physical hazards and assorted problems along side unsuitable date labeling. More than half of of the incidents were connected to chemical hazards and 380 engaging meals allergens.

Vibrio oyster instance

An instance used to be given for the system the intention works with raw oysters produced in Australia suspected to be awful with Vibrio parahaemolyticus.

In mid-November 2021, throughout the FISS, CFS identified a detect issued by Meals Requirements Australia New Zealand (FSANZ) that raw Pacific oysters produced in Coffin Bay were below make a selection attributable to Vibrio parahaemolyticus contamination.

In early December 2021, there were bigger than 200 infections below investigation in Australia. For fogeys that had reported oyster consumption and the effect traceback investigation had been completed, links to oysters produced in Coffin Bay had been established.

CFS issued a meals incident undergo picture patrons of the incident and located 5 companies had imported the products into Hong Kong. Nevertheless, no home infections were recorded. The company enhanced the surveillance of ready-to-employ raw oysters from varied origins but checks were hostile for Vibrio parahaemolyticus.

Diagnosis of meals sold on-line

In assorted work, the CFS has tested meals from on-line transport platforms. All 80 samples passed the checks.

Microbiological diagnosis covered assorted meals pathogens. Chemical checks targeted steel contaminants, colours, preservatives, and veterinary drug residues.

“The CFS has been closely monitoring the protection of meals assign up for sale on-line and collects on-line meals samples along side those bought from on-line takeaway platforms for testing below the routine meals surveillance program,” talked about a CFS spokesman.

“In observe of the hovering ask for ordering meals through on-line meals transport platforms by the public amid the pandemic, the CFS has executed a targeted surveillance project to earn varied meals forms along side cool drinks, cool muffins, salad, sushi, sashimi, sandwiches, siu-mei, burgers, dim sum, pizza, soup, rice dishes, congee, noodles and pasta from assorted on-line meals transport platforms for microbiological and chemical checks.”

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