Ben Foakes stumps Rohit. - BCCI

Ben Foakes stumps Rohit. – BCCI

05: 33 AM

OVER 41: IND 127/6 (Ashwin 14Kohli 29*)

Root practically cleans up Ashwin with the important ball of the over. He then picks up a two. Ashwin is fiddling with plenty of aggression, subscribing to the philosophy that the longer you wait, the extra seemingly it is miles that it is possible you’ll well procure an unplayable ball on this floor.

Ashwin takes one from the closing ball of the over, pinching the strike.

05: 30 AM

OVER 40: IND 124/6 (Ashwin 11Kohli 29*)

Kohli is calling correct now, taking a single with ease to open up Leach’s over. Ashwin then retains out a straight ball that stays low. He then attempts a sweep, the ball turning past his bat.

Ashwin then dances down the be conscious, lofting the ball over mid-on. Wide does an very excellent job to place a speed for his aspect.

05: 26 AM

OVER 39: IND 120/6 (Ashwin 8Kohli 28*)

Alternate of bowling. Root is bringing himself on for Ali. He starts spherical the wicket, Kohli picking up a straightforward single.

Root finds a innovative from Ashwin however it lands safe.

05: 23 AM

Astounding with the gloves and very correct with the bat – cushty 28th birthday to Ben Foakes!

Stumpings in Test Cricket

Ben Foakes (6 Checks)

Made – 5

Missed – 1

Jos Buttler (50 Checks)

Made – 1

Missed – 5#INDvENG

— The CricViz Analyst (@cricvizanalyst) February 15, 2021

05: 22 AM

OVER 38: IND 119/6 (Ashwin 8Kohli 27*)

Leach starts with a immediate ball to Kohli who scythes it away to the boundary. The left arm spinner delivers a correct comeback, drawing a counterfeit shot from the Indian skipper. He then works a single by means of point.

05: 19 AM

OVER 37: IND 114/6 (Ashwin 8Kohli 22*)

Right here comes Ashwin! And he starts with a unbelievable shot, crunching a sweep along the bottom for four. Out comes the reverse sweep, less convincing however it is miles the equal consequence. Stokes practically hauled it in and is furious that four has been awarded by the third umpire. Factual decision, on this occasion.

05: 14 AM

WICKET! Axar lbw Ali 7

Ali slides one onto the pad of Axar from the important ball of the over. It’s given out. Axar reviews.

There might be no longer this form of thing as a bat enthusiastic… and it is miles umpire’s call! It stays out!

The fifth wicket of the morning.

05: 12 AM

OVER 36: IND 106/5 (Axar 7Kohli 22*)

Excellent over from Leach to Kohli. He is probing away in the precise put. And once extra, a sorrowful transport then follows. The final ball of the over is a fleshy toss that’s put away. Very tense for Joe Root.

India’s lead is now past 300.

05: 09 AM

OVER 35: IND 102/5 (Axar 7Kohli 18*)

Ali delivers an absolute peach to Axar. Turn and jump, frankly unplayable. And repeat. Very correct from Ali.

And as I write that, he drops immediate and is whipped for four. The chronicle of his Test. 100 up for India.

05: 06 AM

OVER 34: IND 98/5 (Axar 3Kohli 18*)

Leach continues after the mini-ruin. He draws a play and whisk over from Axar who’s calling rather tentative. Comprehensible given the conditions.

He works a single, greater over from Leach with precise one coming from it.

05: 00 AM

OVER 33: IND 97/5 (Axar 2Kohli 18*)

Ali draws an edge from the left handed Axar, however he it is miles along the bottom and earns the debutant a single.

Drinks! It has been England’s hour, however India unruffled very without problems responsible…

04: 57 AM

OVER 32: IND 96/5 (Axar 1Kohli 18*)

Leach drops a toddle immediate to Kohli who cuts him away for 3. Axar then inner edges a single to procure off the label.

Kohli is increasing in self assurance, he rocks play whipping the ball by means of mid-wicket for 2. Then comes the shot of the morning. Kohli crashes the ball wait on past the bowler for four. Imperious execution.

04: 52 AM

OVER 31: IND 86/5 (Axar 0Kohli 9*)

India are 31/4 for this morning. Out strides Axar, forward of Ashwin on this innings in contrast to the important. He sensibly blocks out the over.

04: 50 AM

WICKET! Rahane c Pope b Ali 10

Rahane gets an inner edge onto his pad, the ball balloons upwards and Pope takes a trim accumulate. Textbook spinner’s dismissal.

The fourth wicket of the morning.

04: 49 AM

OVER 31: IND 86/4 (Rahane 10Kohli 9*)

Ali continues on the replace damage.

04: 48 AM

OVER 30: IND 86/4 (Rahane 10Kohli 9*)

Kohli tries to work Leach by means of the leg aspect. There is too phenomenal flip and he gets a innovative, the ball falling immediate of the fielders.

Kohli gets a thick edge along the bottom, Stone goes after it, kicking it for four (unintentionally, presumably).

India lead by 281, also continuously called, good ample.

04: 44 AM

OVER 29: IND 82/4 (Rahane 10Kohli 5*)

Ali gets a ball to flip sq.. Rahane attempts to in the reduce price of however it practically hits him in the midriff! Ali follows it up with a fleshy toss and Rahane puts it away. England surely maintain bowled too many unsuitable balls on this pitch. He then drops immediate and is pulled for four.

India are playing their photos!

04: 40 AM

OVER 28: IND 74/4 (Rahane 2Kohli 5*)

Rahane rocks wait on to in the reduce price of Leach from the important ball of his over. He below-edges it into the pad of Foakes – no likelihood for the keeper. They whisk a transient single.

Kohli drives handsomely by means of the covers for 3. It turned into once somewhat uppish and Burns, in truth, purchased his finger guidelines to it!

Rahane attempts a sweep, inner edging it for one. Each ball is inviting for the time being and no shot looks to be like easy.

04: 37 AM

A nervy open up for the Indian skipper

Virat Kohli took 20 balls to procure off the label in the innings. All over his Test occupation handiest in one other innings did he face extra balls forward of opening his myth (29 balls v England at Ahmedabad in Nov 2012).#INDvENG

— The CricViz Analyst (@cricvizanalyst) February 15, 2021

04: 36 AM

OVER 27: IND 69/4 (Rahane 0Kohli 2*)

Kohli dances down the be conscious to Ali, the ball clips his pad and runs away though-provoking, the entire manner to the boundary.

04: 33 AM

OVER 26: IND 65/4 (Rahane 0Kohli 2*)

Out comes Rahane. He plays and misses to Leach forward of hitting the ball in the air, however precise immediate, of Stone at point.

It has been all England this morning!

04: 31 AM

WICKET! Pant st Foakes b Leach 8

England position the lure and maintain done Pant. They tempted him down the be conscious and then Leach fires one past him. Foakes takes the bails off and it is miles no longer even terminate.

Excellent play all by means of by England.

04: 30 AM

OVER 26: IND 65/3 (Pant 8Kohli 2*)

Pant sweeps Leach, the ball brushing his glove and racing away for four phenomenal finer than he turned into once aiming for.

04: 26 AM

OVER 25: IND 61/3 (Pant 4Kohli 2*)

Pant takes a single from the important ball of Ali’s over, attempting a long way extra at home than his captain. Kohli plays out three dot balls forward of sooner or later getting off the label with a flick for 2. He’ll be one relieved man!

04: 23 AM

OVER 24: IND 58/3 (Pant 3Kohli 0*)

Leach is getting plenty of flip and jump. Kohli is no longer taking any dangers. He has confronted 13 balls for no speed.

Play and whisk over! Leach draws the India captain forward and turns it past his bat. One other maiden, 0 from 16 for Kohli…

04: 21 AM

Foakes surely is a unbelievable keeper

Rohit stumped by Foakes has extra stumpings on this Test (two) than Buttler in 30 suits

— Gash Hoult (@NHoultCricket) February 15, 2021

04: 20 AM

OVER 23: IND 58/3 (Pant 3Kohli 0*)

Ali continues. Pant sweeps, greeting the ball on the fleshy and spooning it into the sky. It precise evades Wide and India discover two runs.

Pant plays out the the rest of the over watchfully.

04: 17 AM

OVER 22: IND 56/3 (Pant 1Kohli 0*)

There might be a promotion up the listing for Pant, forward of Rahane. Bright switch from India. He pushes his first ball by means of the offside for a single.

Kohli plays defensively to Leach. He is but to procure off the label on this Test.

04: 12 AM

WICKET! Rohit st Foakes b Leach 26

Leach begins his 2nd over of the day. He turns one past the sting of Rohit’s bat and Foakes whips off the bails. Rohit’s foot is on the line, however crucially no longer on the wait on of it! That is prominent protecting from a ball that bounced plenty.

What a expose to the day for England!

04: 11 AM

OVER 21: IND 55/2 (Rohit 26Kohli 0*)

Kohli is on strike for the important time, unruffled reeling from his duck at palms of Ali in the important innings. He plays out a maiden, Ali inflicting some concerns with one who stays low.

04: 08 AM

OVER 20: IND 55/2 (Rohit 26Kohli 0*)

Leach will open up from the replace damage. He draws an edge from Rohit however it lands well immediate of Stokes at hump. Plenty going on.

Maiden. Easy open up from Leach.

04: 04 AM

WICKET! Pujara speed out (Pope) 7

And that is out! Pujara would maintain purchased well wait on however his bat purchased stuck in the pitch and he dropped it, allowing Foakes to whip off the bails. What a open up for England!

04: 03 AM

OVER 19: IND 55/1 (Rohit 26Pujara 7*)

Ali will open up for England. The first ball of the day is labored into the leg aspect for a single my Rohit. Ali starts well, there is unruffled plenty of flip.

Pujara pads the ball to immediate leg and Pope attempts a cheeky speed out.

03: 59 AM

The gamers are out onto the pitch

Day three here we come!

03: 51 AM

Factual morning, England wish to manufacture a ‘very, very particular’ efficiency

England batting coach Graham Thorpe admitted the vacationers desire a “very, very particular” efficiency to bring them wait on from the brink on a controversial pitch in the 2nd Test in opposition to India.

The home aspect maintain had the greater of both days in Chennai to lead by 249 runs on a be conscious which has drawn plenty of debate.

There turned into once clarify flip in evidence from the important session, a pattern that will furthermore unruffled handiest be exaggerated as the game strikes against a conclusion.

However while England maintain been bowled out for a modest 134, premier spinner Ravichandran Ashwin main the manner with five wickets, India managed to publish 329 in their first innings forward of closing on 54 for one 2nd time spherical.

Thorpe, a distinguished participant of accelerate in his 100-Test occupation, stopped immediate of brazenly criticising the pitch however left a heavy impression that the camp maintain been decrease than impressed.

“Or no longer it is extremely inviting for us, they’re obviously a extremely skilled accelerate assault in their maintain conditions,” he said.

“Or no longer it is miles a extremely inviting floor…that’s what I could pronounce. By manner of me commenting on the pitch, I reflect that’s for someone above me to peek at.

“Or no longer it is obviously taken flip early in the game and it turned into once a extremely correct toss to grab, to bat on day one.”

Pundits maintain taken extra polarised views, with broadcaster Simon Hughes calling for India to be docked facets in the World Test Championship, worn England captain Michael Vaughan branding the bottom “a stinker”, and Australia’s Designate Waugh deeming it “unacceptable”.

What all americans can agree on is the scale of England’s project.

“Or no longer it might well most likely actually be inviting. We need something very, very particular to happen,” Thorpe permitted.

“We need somebody to attain something unbelievable with the bat. We must aid stage in the dressing room and no longer procure too down. Everyone knows the pitch has challenged us and we place up for the project of the next innings.”

Ashwin, who unpicked the England batting line-up with figures of five for 43, turned into once unmoved by opinions of the pitch.

“I attain no longer know in the event that they (maintain) complaints, however in the event that they’ve then it is miles fully natural to come up in opposition to unfavorable conditions,” he said.

“Again and again there are conditions which is able to project you, be it accelerate or seam. Clearly the challenges are manner better whilst you happen to come up in opposition to seam. Or no longer it is precise the manner you play accelerate, that it is possible you’ll perhaps furthermore maintain gotten to give time and then profit, it is miles one more design of artwork.”

One other provide of frustration for England has been the umpiring, with two uncertain pieces of decision-making by third umpire Anil Chaudhary on day one adopted up with one more contested verdict on day two.

England maintain been sure Rohit Sharma supplied no shot when padding up to Moeen Ali slack on and referred an lbw enchantment to DRS. Chaudhary pushed aside the yowl when the impression turned into once shown to be open air off stump, relying on the conclusion that Rohit’s well-hidden bat turned into once surely playing a stroke.

“Or no longer it is obviously a canny little bit of play,” said Thorpe with a smile.

“The umpire has to design that call on the time whether he thinks the participant has played a shot on the ball and that it is possible you’ll perhaps presumably furthermore maintain gotten to settle for it.”


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