Sports Joel Embiid not a fan of the new ball either

Joel Embiid not a fan of the new ball either

Joel Embiid not a fan of the new ball either

Rich Hoffman: Joel Embiid on frigid taking pictures: “I’m regularly searching out excuses but the ball is varied. Restful don’t feel elated with it… Final year, I became once the steady midrange shooter in the league. So some point it’s gonna attain abet.” Curry enters. “Obviously he’s no longer combating it.”

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Three key performs from 76ers purchase over Bulls: A snatch shot from Seth Curry, a monster block from Joel Embiid

By: @therealmikekb…11: 29 PM

Rich Hoffman @rich_hofmann

Joel Embiid on his protection: “Obviously the photography are no longer falling to originate the year. I’ve been focusing loads on the defensive discontinue. I own with the offense no longer being nowhere shut to the place apart it wants to be, the defensive discontinue is the place apart I can even unbiased smooth place different time.” 48 PM

Kyle Neubeck @KyleNeubeck

Here’s Embiid talking referring to the original Wilson ball this year, noting that extra guys than no longer (at the side of his teammate Seth Curry) are doing correct lustrous with it 38 PM

Rich Hoffman @rich_hofmann

Joel Embiid on frigid taking pictures: “I’m regularly searching out excuses but the ball is varied. Restful don’t feel elated with it… Final year, I became once the steady midrange shooter in the league. So some point it’s gonna attain abet.”

Curry enters. “Obviously he’s no longer combating it.” 36 PM

Derek Bodner @DerekBodnerNBA

Joel Embiid, on the NBA’s original ball and his struggles taking pictures from the perimeter: “The ball is varied. Restful no longer thoroughly feeling elated with it…At some point soon, it’s gonna attain. I’m no longer panicked about it. Each single day I’m gonna aid working at it.” – 10: 35 PM

Kyle Neubeck @KyleNeubeck

Embiid mentioned the original Wilson ball is something he’s getting feeble to on the originate of the season — can’t place his finger on what’s varied about it, but as he tries to receive adjusted to it, he’s focusing extra of his energy on protection and playmaking for teammates – 10: 21 PM

Noah Levick @NoahLevick

Joel Embiid mentioned he thinks the ball is a element in his slack taking pictures originate.

Embiid: “I don’t know, it’s correct varied.”

He then pointed at Seth Curry and mentioned, “Obviously he’s no longer combating it.” – 10: 21 PM

Justin Grasso @JGrasso_

Joel Embiid says it’s been a job getting feeble to the original ball. Doesn’t wish to use that as an excuse for his taking pictures struggles though #Sixers10: 20 PM

KC Johnson @KCJHoop

Zach LaVine mentioned he bumped knees with Joel Embiid on first play of sport, played thru it. – 9: 47 PM

Kyle Neubeck @KyleNeubeck

The Sixers are 6-2 no topic Embiid no longer taking part in all that successfully yet and 3/5 of their starting lineup out or no longer with the team, which is a credit to this neighborhood as a entire…9: 30 PM

Trey Kerby @treykerby

Brick from Niang turns in to an Embiid offensive rebound, Thybulle mosey from in the abet of, overturned heinous name, monster shot from Curry. Derive em Saturday. 27 PM

Purchase Schaefer @rob_schaef

Final: Sixers 103, Bulls 98

Bulls (6-2) flirt with one other spacious comeback, but Philly prevails

DeRozan: 37 pts

LaVine: 27 pts (5 tov)

Vucevic: 4 pts (2-7 FG)

Lonzo: 13 pts, 5 ast (5 tov)

Embiid: 18 pts, 9 reb, 7 ast

Curry: 22 pts

Sixers purchase bench scoring 30-13 – 9: 24 PM

Rich Hoffman @rich_hofmann

Worthwhile scenario on the spacious Embiid block on DeRozan, Embiid wins the tap and the shorthanded Sixers receive out of here with a gutty purchase. Bulls made them make that one.

It’s a 103-98 final. The Sixers strengthen to 6-2 on the year. Again to it day after as of late in Detroit. – 9: 24 PM

KC Johnson @KCJHoop

76ers 103, Bulls 98

DeRozan 37 aspects, 10 rebs

LaVine 27 aspects, 9 rebs, 5 TOs

Vucevic 4 aspects (2-7 FG), 10 rebs, 6 assists

Curry 22 aspects

Embiid 18 pts, 9 rebs, 7 assts – 9: 23 PM

Tim Bontemps @TimBontemps

Here’s one other nice purchase for the Sixers without Tobias Harris (and Ben Simmons) in opposition to the Bulls. This week regarded admire it would maybe well be loads varied before tipoff Monday without a Embiid and Harris seemingly out except slow subsequent week. As a substitute, Philly will get two wins in a row. – 9: 23 PM

Purchase Perez @WorldWideWob

6 seconds left, Embiid meets DeRozan on the rim 23 PM

Darnell Mayberry @DarnellMayberry

Y’all can debate the heinous.

I’m extra amazed DeMar DeRozan took the bump from Joel Embiid on the rim, didn’t gallop, and it became once Embiid who hit the deck. – 9: 20 PM

Mike McGraw @McGrawDHSports

That DeRozan on Embiid play became once no longer shut to no longer being a heinous. #Bulls9: 19 PM

Jon Johnson @jonjohnsonwip

One hell of a block by Embiid. – 9: 19 PM

Ky Carlin @Ky_Carlin

Oh wow, that looks admire an impossible block by Joel Embiid. Doc Rivers will scenario the heinous name there. Embiid correct made a expansive defensive play. #Sixers9: 19 PM

Rich Hoffman @rich_hofmann

DeRozan hits a tricky jumper (over some extra impossible protection from Thybulle) and the Bulls decrease it to 2 with 29 seconds left.

My bet is Curry-Embiid two-man sport, though Embiid’s contact is fully long previous. Correct making an strive to gut it out. – 9: 15 PM

Joe Cowley @JCowleyHoops

DeMar cuts it to 2 with 29.9 left. Embiid solo demonstrate isn’t any longer taking part in successfully final few possessions. – 9: 14 PM

Joe Cowley @JCowleyHoops

Embiid down for a couple of seconds after the Vooch heinous … Hollywood ain’t calling! – 9: 06 PM

Ky Carlin @Ky_Carlin

Joel Embiid recovers the Georges Niang omit and he throws it down for an And-1 dunk. Mammoth play there. Philly goes up 94-89 with 5: 00 left in the 4th. #Sixers9: 05 PM

Joe Cowley @JCowleyHoops

Vooch tried to drag the chair on Embiid, but that’s a recliner! Gets the heinous. – 9: 00 PM

Rich Hoffman @rich_hofmann

Risk zone here for the Sixers. They’re gonna need Embiid to be powerful better as a scorer than he has been to date tonight. – 8: 58 PM

KC Johnson @KCJHoop

2nd time in 3 video games Bradley is matched in opposition to a weak put together sparring partner. Gobert, now Embiid. Compelled a TO there. – 8: 58 PM

Joe Cowley @JCowleyHoops

LaVine with the quick hesi… Embiid bit. Expansive attain on a 7-footer! – 8: 32 PM

Joe Cowley @JCowleyHoops

Javonte Green stopping off three Sixers for the offensive rebound, at the side of Embiid. Derive the putback! DeRozan basket and the Bulls are internal 9! – 8: 26 PM

Joe Cowley @JCowleyHoops

Expansive display cloak by Embiid to aid Lonzo from the closeout on Doc’s son-in-law. – 8: 19 PM

Lauren Rosen @LaurenMRosen

The @Philadelphia 76ers shoot 55.3% from the discipline and 53.8% from long range in the predominant half of, and lead, 58-44.

Six Sixers scored from 3-point territory in the predominant half of (Curry, Embiid, Korkmaz, Thybulle, Niang, Joe). – 8: 04 PM

Gina Mizell @ginamizell

Halftime: Sixers 58, Bulls 44. Philly led by as many as 18 in the duration, due to a 15-0 scamper. Niang has 12 aspects. Curry with 11. Embiid is 3-of-9 from the floor (8 aspects) but has 5 assists and 5 rebounds. – 8: 02 PM

Lauren Rosen @LaurenMRosen

The @Philadelphia 76ers lead the Bulls, 58-44, at halftime.

Niang: 12 PTS

Curry: 11 PTS

Embiid: 8 PTS / 5 REB / 5 AST

Korkmaz: 9 PTS / 3 REB

Maxey: 6 PTS / 3 REB

Thybulle: 3 PTS / 2 STL / 1 BLK – 8: 02 PM

KC Johnson @KCJHoop

76ers 58, Bulls 44 at half of

DeRozan 16 aspects

LaVine 13 aspects

Niang 12 aspects

Curry 11 aspects

Embiid 8 aspects, 5 rebs, 5 assts – 8: 01 PM

Lauren Rosen @LaurenMRosen

The @Philadelphia 76ers lead, 29-19, after Q1.

Curry: 9 PTS / 4-6 FG

Embiid: 5 PTS / 3 REB / 2 AST

Korkmaz: 5 PTS

Thybulle: 3 PTS / 1 STL / 1 BLK

Group: 54.5% FG, 50.0% 3fg – 7: 32 PM

Joe Cowley @JCowleyHoops

Sixers starters – Curry, Embiid, Korkmaz, Maxey and Thybulle … Embiid and Curry helps aid Philly out of bum home, but no longer a huge team … 7-1 book it! – 6: 33 PM

Rich Hoffman @rich_hofmann

Sixers starters vs. Chicago: Tyrese Maxey, Seth Curry, Furkan Korkmaz, Matisse Thybulle, Joel Embiid. – 6: 32 PM

Noah Levick @NoahLevick

Joel Embiid is decided to attain tonight vs. the Bulls after a relaxation day Monday: 09 AM

Ky Carlin @Ky_Carlin

Joel Embiid is at shootaround this morning #Sixers 07 AM

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