A Swansea College scientist’s evaluation into the geometrical traits of a physical theories is highlighted in a novel paper.

Physicist Dr Farid Shahandeh said: “Imagine a physical theory whose reason in the good thing about the trajectory of an apple falling from a tree differs for Gala and Pink Lady. We know that the apple’s differ has nothing to function with how it falls. A theory adore right here’s overcomplicated.

“Any apparently pointless and nonsensical parameter adore this provides context to a theory’s description of a physical phenomenon.

“Luckily, classical theories are not contextuality. Nonetheless, every person is conscious of that if we strive to account for quantum mechanics in classical phrases, it turns into contextual, and in consequence counterintuitive.”

In his ogle Contextuality of General Probabilistic Theories Dr Shahandeh examines what structural property of a theory adore quantum mechanics makes it inclined to contextuality.

It has factual been published in PRX Quantum, a journal from American Bodily Society.

He said: “In this work we settle the geometrical traits that give rise to both noncontextuality or contextuality of a physical theory.

“In doing so, we steal blow their non-public horns of the framework of fundamental probabilistic theories, a unified tool that comes very at hand for constructing generic physical theories.”

He added: “The ways and results obtained on this work could more than likely more than likely be extended and applied to quantum recordsdata processing obligations that purpose for non-classical advantages.”

Dr Shahandeh is the recipient of a Royal Fee for the Exhibition of 1851 evaluation fellowship, the annual awards designed to present early occupation scientists or engineers of distinctive promise the different to conduct a evaluation mission of their very earn instigation.

His evaluation on the College of Science examines the characterization of predominant assets required for quantum computation algorithms.

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