Finest 10 of virtually 800 samples taken within the midst of food safety inspections hold been non-compliant, in response to outcomes printed by the Ministry of Properly being within the Czech Republic.

From August to October 2017, the Regional Hygiene Stations (KHS) applied the centered assessments to verify the protection of food. The Ministry of Properly being printed the findings this month.

The purpose of passion used to be on food difficult with out warmth therapy similar to contemporary fruit and vegetables and contemporary herbs served in sites offering catering services. Frozen fruit and vegetables hold been also checked.

KHS performed 405 inspections in 399 catering institutions and 775 samples hold been taken.

E. coli and Yersinia found

A total of 387 samples hold been taken for microbiological contamination with Listeria monocytogenes, E. coli, Salmonella, Yersinia enterocolitica and the final series of microorganisms and 388 samples for virological examination.

Norovirus used to be no longer detected within the samples tested for viruses. Out of the tests for microbiological examination, 10 samples failed.

In 5 cases, high total counts of microorganisms hold been found in frozen raspberries, contemporary carrots, freshly sliced pumpkin, a salad with cabbage and carrots and sliced cucumber salad.

On three instances, E. coli used to be detected in vegetable salads and Yersinia enterocolitica used to be found in a salad with cabbage with carrots and in a vegetable salad of contemporary tomatoes, cucumbers, and dressing.

Officers stated as there could be not any such thing as a warmth therapy and dishes are supposed for roar consumption, it will be important to employ private hygiene and wash hands completely when handling unpackaged food, successfully wash fruits and vegetables, preserve all utensils soft and in accurate situation, wash worktops for cutting back fruit and vegetables completely to end plod-contamination within the midst of food preparation and to employ the simply temperature prerequisites within the midst of storage.

In July to November 2019, KHS verified the protection of sous-vide meals served in institutions offering catering services. KHS performed 167 inspections in 164 food service retailers and 171 samples hold been taken for microbiological examination. Finest four did no longer follow the established standards.

Meat controls

Earlier this month, inspectors at the Speak Veterinary Administration (SVS) helped safe a automobile transporting 250 kilograms of poultry and meat of unknown foundation in prerequisites described by officers as “noxious”.

Describe courtesy of SVS

They chanced on almost 40 insufficiently closed plastic bags of poultry and a crate with 15 kilograms of unpackaged pork and pork. The auto used to be no longer soft, in part damaged and no longer equipped with a cooling machine. Upon question, the motive force did no longer submit paperwork on foundation of the animal products.

Veterinary inspectors determined to acquire rid of the products. Offenders can face a fine of up to Czech Koruna 50 million (U.S $2.3 million).

In January this year, SVS inspectors found more than 70 kilograms of seafood and meat products in noxious prerequisites and no longer in compliance with the important temperatures within the midst of a joint inspection.

Veterinary inspectors found the auto used to be carrying almost 73 kilograms of food of animal foundation with out labeling or proof of foundation. The perpetrator also didn’t hold the important registration from the regional veterinary administration to transport such products.

Frozen packaged seafood made up the huge majority of the weight with almost 40 kilos alternatively it also incorporated processed unpacked poultry, unmarked meat products and unpackaged pork.

Frozen food confirmed signs of repeated freezing, which is prohibited by laws, and used to be transported at elevated than minus 18 degrees C (minus 0.4 degrees F) which used to be the temperature role by the producer. About a of the frozen food used to be no longer labeled or used to be after the expiration date.

Veterinary inspectors destroyed the final foodstuffs of unknown foundation. Offenders can face a fine of up to Czech Koruna 1 million (U.S. $4,700).

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