Flexible food safety bylaws are making it more uncomplicated for small-scale producers in Serbia to promote their merchandise in formal markets.

These suggestions, in step with EU food safety and quality standards, embrace derogations for light merchandise in step with local fruits, vegetables and recent herbs. They add to earlier measures developed for Serbian meat and dairy.

They indicate small-scale producers and processors can continue following light production methods as lengthy as the food is right and procedures round hygiene are adopted.

FAO, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Trend (EBRD) and Serbian Authorities held a web roundtable with Serbian agricultural producers, food distributors, representatives from producer organizations and user teams on what the foundations entail for on-farm and small-capability processors on World Food Security Day.

Hundreds of small firms

Nenad Vujović, Serbia’s assistant minister for inspection, talked about the bylaws are an opportunity for the nation’s producers to compete on the home market and in a international nation whereas helping retain the diversity of Serbian meals equivalent to pickled cornichons and jams.

“The flexibility measures give an explanation for direct requirements linked to processing that either are no longer compulsory for small-scale operators or can without negate be adapted. We’re infected to associate with each person along the food safety chain to roll out these measures and to make certain each person understands the financial advantages of complying with them,” he talked about.

Miloš Pajic makes light sausages, ham and quite loads of enviornment of expertise meat merchandise and owns one of the crucial thousands of small family-glide firms within the nation.

“I’m working with my early life to shield them as much as this point on these safety and hygiene measures the least bit stages, from the raw self-discipline materials to the performed product,” he talked about.

In Serbia, most farming households develop their maintain fruit and veggies. Many, at the side of Stevan Petrovic, manufacture ajvar, a pepper paste made in step with a gentle recipe handed down over the years. Petrovic talked about without the measures, he and quite loads of smaller operators might perchance be squeezed out of greater, formal markets.

“When folks take hold of my ajvar, they’ll know I haven’t sacrificed food safety or hygiene,” he talked about.

Serbia – a candidate for EU membership – started adapting its food safety laws loads of years within the past to be in step with EU laws. Nonetheless these suggestions were geared against greater operators. FAO and the EBRD helped produce the bylaws, in step with flexibility measures already aged in EU member international locations, to aid smaller Serbian firms.

The webinar supplied pointers and video tutorials, to lend a hand producers follow the bylaws. It was as soon as the latest in a series of efforts by FAO and the EBRD supporting the Serbian Authorities to raise food safety and quality standards and affords a elevate to competitiveness of the nation’s meat, dairy, fruit and vegetable sectors.

Serbian peep on factors of negate

Tamara Boskovic, head of the veterinary public smartly being division on the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management in Serbia, talked about it worked with small producers over loads of years to take a look at out and salvage alternatives.

Tamara Boskovic

“We prepared a rulebook with derogation for small producers and pointers for the meat and dairy sector on how they’ll implement hygiene and self-shield watch over suggestions. They started to post requests to be in our register and under our shield watch over, we also offered local coaching for them to point of curiosity on hygiene suggestions and in addition they were aware flexibility suggestions compose no longer apply to hygiene,” she talked about one day of a quite loads of webinar on World Food Security Day.

“We had some factors in mountain areas the build there’s never one of these thing as a potable water or water the least bit or electricity so hygiene suggestions are no longer at a high level but working with them now a third of producers in Serbia are registered as institutions within the flexibleness principles. Our ministry acknowledged the importance of keeping these small producers alive so offered some subsidies for them to give a elevate to their institutions and files.”

Boskovic talked about the nation is part of projects financed by the EU, FAO and World Bank to compose and up-to-the-minute compare to note growth.

“E. coli and Salmonella are soundless prime bacteria in Serbia even supposing hygiene suggestions are moderately strict in our food safety methods. Viruses delight in norovirus in raspberries is an mission and now we maintain certain concerns with Hepatitis virus in some food. We strive to implement all monitoring applications for veterinary residues, pesticides and microbiological parameters on food and at border shield watch over.”

Producers needed to implement strict measures one day of COVID-19 but there was as soon as no less production and folks were shopping for added food, talked about Boskovic.

“What we faced was as soon as there was as soon as no longer sufficient food for people in a lower social category, for the wretched and unemployed as the public kitchen was as soon as closed. In honey production, we had food fraud factors as one day of respectable controls folks couldn’t shuffle all over the build to manipulate the entirety. We’re making an try to export meat and milk to China, we’re aware food does no longer transmit COVID, but China asked us to take a look at packaging self-discipline materials and the ground of frozen meat for COVID so we needed to avoid losing this checking out in Serbia and that in actuality caused some influence on our food industry.”

AMR on the agenda

Meanwhile, antimicrobial resistance (AMR) surveillance has been incorporated in Uzbekistan’s Nationwide Program to Strive against Microorganism Resistance to Antimicrobial Medication for 2020 to 2024.

One manner to highlight the public smartly being risk posed by AMR is thru efficient surveillance applications. Recordsdata about the phases of AMR in foodborne pathogens and of antimicrobial residues in food of animal foundation might lend a hand handbook risk management and protection.

On the other hand, no longer many international locations within the WHO European Residing maintain ample surveillance capability for AMR within the food chain. The World Effectively being Organization (WHO) Europe helps international locations save and toughen methods for AMR and antimicrobial residues, and to integrate AMR checking out in existing methods for foodborne disease surveillance and response.

Gulnora Abdukhalilova, a scientist on the Ministry of Effectively being in Uzbekistan, ran a mission taking a take into tale at antimicrobial resistant traces of Campylobacter and Salmonella in chickens bred for food in 2016.

Compare showed most Salmonella traces in rooster were multi-drug resistant, that manner infections they situation off might perchance even be hard to treat. Overuse and misuse of antimicrobials in poultry production was as soon as a driver of resistance.

“Monitoring of resistance to antimicrobial pills in traditional foodborne pathogens merely have to be performed. It is crucial to coordinate and alternate files between quite loads of sectors, equivalent to poultry production and smartly being care,” talked about Abdukhalilova.

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