Every summer time, Oklahomans gather themselves celebrating weekends with yard barbeques, and while the grilled meats will most seemingly be the principle enchantment, a summer time cookout is incomplete with out the actual summer time salad. 

 Dazzling as there are safety protocols for going by meat, there also are suggestions for the upright going by of make. Meals going by misconceptions are threatening to consumers, talked about Ravi Jadeja, food safety specialist for Oklahoma Deliver University’s Robert M. Kerr Meals and Agricultural Merchandise Heart.

 Essentially based mostly totally on the Centers for Disease Alter and Prevention, raw fruits and greens can maintain corrupt germs, corresponding to Salmonella, E. coli, and Listeria. A tidy proportion of U.S. foodborne ailments are precipitated by germs on new make.

“A common misconception I watch is about the food washing course of,” Jadeja talked about. “Washing pre-washed refrigerated salads, typically labeled as a triple-washed salad, would now not make the product safer.”

 Washing a pre-washed salad also could cause contamination, if any display mask, to unfold within the product and make it unsafe to employ, he talked about.

“One in all the most compile make washing suggestions is to scrub any make below potable running water,” Jadeja talked about. “Perfect use authorized sanitizers for washing make and plenty chlorine solutions are no longer only for washing make.”

 An excessive amount of chlorine in wash water also can make most cancers agents, which would make make unsafe for consumption.

 “Patrons also can mild continuously watch out when going by and storing make,” Jadeja talked about. “Contact with an unsanitary ground, corresponding to a slicing board feeble to address raw meat, can easily contaminate the make.”

 FAPC recommends the next food safety pointers when enjoying make this summer time:


  • Safe make that is no longer bruised or damaged
  • Separate make from raw meat, poultry and seafood


  • Refrigerate pre-reduce fruits and greens
  • Within 2 hours after you carve, peel or cook fruits or greens, refrigerate in a easy container


  • Wash fingers, kitchen utensils, and counter tops forward of and after going by make
  • When imaginable, use one slicing board for new make and a separate for raw meat, poultry, and seafood
  • Desirable make by washing below running water to prevent germs on the peel or pores and skin from getting inner fruits or greens
    • Washing fruits and greens with soap or detergent is no longer advised
  • Cutaway damaged or bruised areas on make and throw away any make that looks tainted.

 FAPC, a fraction of OSU’s Division of Agricultural Sciences and Pure Sources, helps to glance, make and advise technical and enterprise files that stimulates and supports the growth of value-added food and agricultural products and processing in Oklahoma.

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