Health & Fitness Food ‘Tainted’ audiobook now available

‘Tainted’ audiobook now available

‘Tainted’ audiobook now available

Phyllis Entis’s unique book “Unsuitable” is now readily available as an audiobook. The book is narrated by Entis herself. 

The book is specifically topical as the first chapter talks about Cronobacter sakazakii, a harmful bacterium that has resulted in an ongoing outbreak. The cronobacter outbreak has sickened on the least 5 infants, killing two, and has been linked to Similac, Alimentum, and EleCare small one formulas recalled Abbott Vitamin. 

“Unsuitable” tells readers that in relation to meals security, outdated wisdom isn’t persistently ample. As Entis puts it, “the meals preparation expertise we realized from our fogeys and grandparents are no longer appropriate type ample to shield up us protected.”

Phyllis Entis

The audiobook would possibly possibly presumably presumably merely additionally be chanced on right here.

I had the likelihood to be taught the book this previous December and consult with Entis about it. Whether or no longer it’s Salmonella in eggs, listeria in deli meats, melamine in milk or Cyclospora in lettuce, “Unsuitable” illustrates that all people has a accountability to verify that the meals we use is as protected as we can compose it. Entis reveals that all people — executive regulators, farmers, ranchers, meals processors, meals carrier workers, retailers, educators and shoppers — are wished to enact this herculean task.

Phyllis Entis is a retired meals security microbiologist. “Unsuitable” is the update of her 2007 book, “Meals Security: Broken-down Habits, Contemporary Perspectives.” The unusual version had an academic crooked, nevertheless “Unsuitable” is extra in line with Entis’s well-liked vision of making meals security accessible to the lay reader.

In most contemporary years, Entis has honed her storytelling expertise as she has been working as a mystery author. She is neatly-known for the Damien Dickens Mysteries assortment, which involves “The Inexperienced Pearl Caper,” “The White Russian Caper,” “The Chocolate Labradoodle Caper,” “The Gold Dragon Caper,” and “The Blue Moon Caper.” Her debut unusual, “The Inexperienced Pearl Caper,” modified into a Library Journal SELF-e Resolution.

Writing mystery novels ready her correctly to write down “Unsuitable,” as meals security diseases most continuously operate as mysteries. “Unsuitable” most continuously reads fancy a appropriate crime unusual, the set laymen and authorities inform clues to set the general public from future poisonings and display the culprits of previous poisonings.

After studying “Unsuitable,” I requested Entis if she has a particular story from the radical that she finds most memorable. She pointed to the Regent Chocolate episode.

In January 1974, a Salmonella Eastbourne outbreak modified into linked to Regent Chocolate. Entis’s lab with Canada’s Successfully being Security Department modified into to blame for checking all of the suspect chocolate saved in warehouses in Manitoba and Saskatchewan. “I’m a chocoholic and it modified into torture to be surrounded by all these huge Easter bunnies and chocolate Christmas tree embellishes and no longer be ready to nibble,” she mentioned.

Entis modified into ready to search out out about Regent’s response firsthand and pickle how effective the firm’s near and adjustments were. She explains in the book how Regent would possibly possibly presumably presumably well wait on as a model for how companies can be taught from their errors.

Though “Unsuitable” is a mountainous book for these attracted to learning extra about meals security, it’s additionally a book for folks that merely desire to be entertained by the drama in the help of the scenes of meals security.

Must you be taught “Unsuitable” and had been spurred to be taught extra about meals security, Entis recommends Nicols Fox’s 1997 book, “Unsuitable, The Abominable Truth About a Meals Chain Long gone Haywire,” Jeff Benedict’s “Poisoned,” and Deborah Blum’s “The Poison Squad.”

“Unsuitable” modified into released Dec. 2, 2021, and can merely additionally be ordered on Amazon. Entis’s book reached  No. 1 overall in the Microbiology class on Amazon all via the first week of its unencumber.

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