As machine-finding out applications switch into the mainstream, a brand contemporary period of cyber threat is emerging—one which uses offensive artificial intelligence (AI) to supercharge attack campaigns. Offensive AI permits attackers to automate reconnaissance, craft tailored impersonation assaults, and even self-propagate to handbook clear of detection. Security groups can put together by turning to defensive AI to fight again—utilizing independent cyber defense that learns on the job to detect and respond to even possibly the most refined indicators of an attack, no topic where it seems to be.

Marcy Rizzo, of MIT Skills Evaluation, interviews Darktrace’s Marcus Fowler and Max Heinemeyer in January 2021.

MIT Skills Evaluation nowadays sat down with consultants from Darktrace—Marcus Fowler, director of strategic threat, and Max Heinemeyer, director of threat looking—to focus on the contemporary and emerging applications of offensive AI, defensive AI, and the continuing fight of algorithms between the 2.   

Be half of to discover the webcast.

This explain material changed into produced by Insights, the custom explain material arm of MIT Skills Evaluation. It changed into no longer written by MIT Skills Evaluation’s editorial workers.

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