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The Blue Technology Barometer

The Blue Technology Barometer

Regarding the Index

The Blue Technology Barometer is a ranking of 66 coastal countries and territories on their growth and dedication toward preserving ocean sustainability. It measures the diploma to which economies are prioritizing the safety of ocean health, through sustainable marine process, blue innovation, and protection implementation.


The Blue Technology Barometer measures the performance of countries and territories across four pillars:

The Blue Technology Barometer changed into developed through the diagnosis of capture out datasets and foremost learn interviews with world blue abilities innovators, policymakers, and global ocean sustainability organizations.

It quantifies the economies of 66 countries and territories with plump or economically primary ocean coastlines alongside four separate pillars: ocean environment, marine process, abilities innovation, and protection and legislation.

Internal every pillar, a series of indicators—a checklist of qualitative and quantitative components—had been then selected and populated. Through construction diagnosis, learn, and a consultative glimpse-review direction of with several of the topic cloth consultants interviewed for this report, weighting assumptions had been assigned to discover the relative significance with which each and every and every indicator and pillar influenced a nation’s blue abilities leadership.

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