October 1967

From “How I Stopped Demanding and Learned to Reside with Irrationality”: No matter compose it takes, resistance to any swap is basically an act of self-security. When a particular person perceives that the penalties of a swap warfare alongside with his needs and desires, he’ll become concerned and anxiousness for his future. … Whether or no longer or no longer the conditions elaborate such response is beside the point. What is extreme is his adversarial perspective towards the motive in the help of his anxieties, fears or outrage: the swap and/or its perpetrators. Such a task has small connection with mind, good judgment and rational thinking. On the other hand, as soon as one commits himself to a direction of resistance, he can without issues elaborate his actions to himself by discovering handy rationalizations. On the other facet of the fence, any resistance to a swap also can seem to those responsible for the swap both mystifying and stressful.

February 1971

From “Imposing Packages of Social and Technological Exchange”: The applications to which we get dedicated ourselves, for instance, those fixed with issues of poverty, crime, insufficient health care, or depressed housing—get clearly failed to attain considerable swap. …  Per chance we merely had the defective solutions. Per chance we by no methodology adequately dedicated ourselves. But a extra traditional criticism will again us better. The truth of the matter is that we are merely unable to elevate tall applications of social swap into attain. We assemble no longer realize the task, though we get myths about it, and our failure to are privy to it prejudices our inform efforts with appreciate to such solutions in wonderful forex as air pollution and environmental alter, assured annual earnings, and administrative decentralization of social applications.

July 1994

This tale became as soon as fragment of our July 2021 advise of affairs

From “Travels on the Fetch”: There became as soon as small discussion of exactly how the original media might perchance perchance get an trace on our society. That is frightening because of the original kinds of communication get historically changed the social fabric in profound and nonobvious solutions. … With ideal the 94 ASCII characters that also can also be produced by typing on a accepted computer keyboard, customers fabricate a parallel world that is every so veritably extra compelling than our get. In these digital worlds, identity turns into malleable: our gender is what we are announcing it’s miles. This no longer ideal adjustments how we work together (by eliminating the social cues we are unsleeping of) nonetheless additionally destroys the notion that identity is rooted in the body. The capability to collectively effect a world out of phrases stretches the imagination and workout routines our intelligence in solutions tv cannot.

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