Technology Tech Reviews The Download: Fertility for trans men, and a Q&A with CRISPR’s co-creator

The Download: Fertility for trans men, and a Q&A with CRISPR’s co-creator

The Download: Fertility for trans men, and a Q&A with CRISPR’s co-creator

— A Twitter employee reflects on Elon Musk procuring for the company, basically basically based on the Washington Submit.

The ought to-reads

I’ve combed the on-line to search out you this day’s most stress-free/important/provoking/spell binding reports about technology.

1 Elon Musk is procuring for Twitter for $44 billion

He’s unlikely to revel in owning it as powerful as he thinks he’s going to. (The Atlantic $)

+ Right here’s a recap of the past fortnight: a rollercoaster roam from initiating to shut. (FT $)

+ Musk claims that open sourcing Twitter’s algorithm will originate it extra clear. (NYT $)

+ Trump says he wouldn’t rejoin, nonetheless his advisers aren’t delighted. (WP $)

+ Musk thinks folks could well even be interesting to pay for Twitter. Appropriate luck with that.  (Protocol)

+ It’s prompting folks to sooner or later withstand their Twitter addictions. (Input)

2 How China wrote the playbook for censoring covid facts

It’s inspired many different countries to impose restrictions within the name of public wisely being. (New Yorker $)

+ A brand contemporary covid outbreak in Beijing is heightening fears of a Shanghai-vogue lockdown. (NYT $)

+ Fences delight in been erected in Shanghai to forestall residents from leaving their properties. (BBC)

3 ​​Instagram hackers stole $3 million of Bored Ape Yacht Club NFTs

They managed to compromise the loyal Instagram account then exercise it to publish a phishing hyperlink. (Bloomberg $)

+ Clearly there’s a social community for NFTs within the works. (Quartz)

+ Chinese NFT platforms don’t need you to alternate NFTs anymore. (TR)

4 Conspiracy theories are nothing to total with proof

And all the pieces to total with how they originate us feel. (Wired $)

+ We live in an age of misinformation. (Vox)

5 The US is fighting support against China’s chip dominance 

By conserving its most evolved chipmaking instruments to itself. (The Economist $)

+ The big chip crisis threatens the promise of Moore’s Legislation. (TR)

6 The crypto alternate is on a lawyer hiring spree

To proceed mainstream, you wish correct form smarts. (WSJ $)

+ Dogecoin, Elon Musk’s authorized cryptocurrency, is surging after his Twitter opt. (Bloomberg $)

+ A deep dive into the mysterious subcultures of cryptocurrency obsessives. (SCMP)

+ It’s sufficient to opt out of the crypto revolution. (TR)

7 The metaverse is a vile quagmire of racism, rape jokes and assault

And there’s subsequent to no recourse for offenders, either. (The Guardian)

+ It doesn’t lend a hand that we’re struggling to stipulate what the metaverse even is. (Wired $)

+ facebook is opening its first bodily retailer to are attempting to promote its metaverse-connected objects. (WP $)

8 Europe’s wind vitality corporations are being centered by cyberattacks

Renewable vitality is an increasingly extra swish aim for criminals as consideration turns to grease and gas doable picks. (WSJ $)

9 Coders prefer to alleviate low-earnings families of the burden of admin

Applying for advantages is needlessly complex. (The Atlantic $)

10 Adapting video video games for TV is so sharp to earn fair  

But makes for enormous staring at when it if truth be told works. (The Guardian)

+ Nintendo’s interesting Broad Mario Bros. movie has been delayed. (The Verge)

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