The should-reads

I’ve combed the catch to hunt down you on the present time’s most fun/main/provoking/keen tales about abilities.

1 How Russian TV spins the battle in Ukraine

This runs deeper than disinformation. Thunder-elope TV desires to lope away its audience baffled about what to mediate. (NYT $)

+ We can’t come up with the cash for to turn into complacent concerning the battle’s horrors on-line. (NYT $)

+ The methodology that it is likely you’ll additionally care for some distance from spreading battle misinformation on-line. (TR)

+ The solutions leaking out of Russia is of a greater fee than ever sooner than. (FT $)

2 Duration-tracking apps will seemingly be weaponized post-Roe

And so they’re correct the tip of the iceberg when it comes to likely recordsdata risks. (Protocol

+ Modern pastors are preaching pro-preference sermons on TikTok. (Enter)

+ The Roe v Wade draft opinion leak might perchance per chance additionally goal now not be illegal. (WP $)

3 Fb intentionally caused havoc in Australia to lead a unique regulations

The elimination of emergency and charity pages became now not inadvertent, however strategic, whistleblowers issue. (WSJ $)

+ A week off social media can within the bargain of emotions of despair and scare. (Bloomberg $)

4 How Zillow’s dwelling-flipping dream crashed and burned

However it’s mute optimistic there’s cash to be made, this time thru loans. (Bloomberg $)

+ Condominium-flipping algorithms are coming to your neighborhood. (TR)

5 Elon Musk is rallying his rich guests to finance his Twitter use

In his on the total unconventional style. (FT $)

+ Musk’s dedication to free speech at all costs might perchance per chance stretch again to his childhood. (NYT $)

+ He hates adverts. That’s a arrangement back for Twitter’s advertisers. (NYT $)

+ Musk’s Wikipedia page has grew to turn into into an on-line turf battle. (Slate $)

6 Even excessive-profile crypto shoppers admit it’s a Ponzi blueprint 

The rest of us don’t stand an opportunity. (Wired $)

+ Bankers are quitting their jobs within the hopes of making extra cash in crypto. (Bloomberg $)

+ Digital cash is dividing the loads adore by no methodology sooner than. (FT $)

7 Now not speaking English is a language barrier for high coders

Growing extra various programming languages might perchance per chance empower in a single other nation developers. (Rest of World)

8 AI has identified groups of criminal law enforcement officials in Chicago

Lower than 4% of officers made up a quarter of all shootings and complaints from Murky and Hispanic residents. (Motherboard)

+ Minneapolis police worn untrue social media profiles to surveil Murky participants. (TR

9 Distant Alaskan villages are embracing food offer apps

The deliveries aren’t sizzling or new, however they’re mute a luxurious treat. (NYT $)


10 Fans of Squishmallow plush toys are getting careworn on-line

Merely for looking to use or resell the cuddly critters. (Enter)

Quote of the day

“I stand up, eat, and then I’m going again to bed. A lot of than food, I can’t hang about something.”

—Yang Jiwei, 21, describes his on every day foundation routine in locked-down Shanghai to the New York Times.

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