• Andy Jassy accidentally hit Jeff Bezos with a trot in 1997, Brad Stone writes in his Amazon e book.
  • The interplay took place ultimately of a game of broomball, which Bezos threw himself into “with gusto.”
  • Bezos introduced Tuesday that Andy Jassy would snatch over as CEO later this year.
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This day, Amazon’s cloud chief Andy Jassy is Jeff Bezos’ successor for the aim of Amazon CEO. But 24 years ago, he used to be good a young staffer accidentally bonking Bezos on the pinnacle with a kayak trot. 

The whacking came about ultimately of a firm “broomball” game, as recounted in Brad Stone’s 2013 e book, “The All the pieces Retailer: Jeff Bezos and the Age of Amazon.” Stone also introduced on Tuesday a be aware-up to the suitable-selling e book, “Amazon Unbound: Jeff Bezos and the Invention of a Global Empire,” which arrives Could presumably honest 11 and can unruffled focal point on the closing 10 years of Amazon under Bezos’ leadership.

On Tuesday, Bezos, Amazon’s CEO, introduced that he would step down and that Jassy, the CEO of Amazon Web Companies, will replace him later in 2021. But aid in 1997, the 2 men were engaged in a game that used to be equal method playful and symbolic.

The fable goes that broomball used to be introduced by one among Amazon’s vice presidents at a firm convention. The setup of the sport, Stone recounts, used to be a small unorthodox: “avid gamers swatted a kickball on the lawn with brooms and totally different random implements from his garage,” he wrote.

—Brad Stone (@BradStone) February 2, 2021

Although the image of two leaders of 1 in all potentially the most influential companies on the earth brandishing broomsticks might perhaps well furthermore be comic, Stone recounts “an undercurrent of intense competition” ultimately of the sport that used to be typical of Bezos’ expansionist worldview. 

“In totally different words [broomball] perfectly expressed the temperament of Jeff Bezos, who stopped by the assembly and threw himself into the inaugural Amazon broomball contest with gusto. At one point, Andy Jassy, then a new recruit from Harvard, made his first major influence at the firm by inadvertently hitting Bezos within the pinnacle with a kayak trot. Later, Bezos dove after the ball into some hedges and tore his blue oxford shirt,” Stone wrote. 

It’s stable to converse Bezos has since forgiven his successor for the unintended transgression. 

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