The Cleveland Browns are in a queer save in a extraordinarily queer 365 days within the AFC. Cleveland came into the season with a good deal of expectations after a winning season in 2020 and the addition of a form of ability on the protection. Their 6-6 delivery to the season has been disappointing however they’ve misplaced to some very honest teams and overwhelmed the honest to now not so honest teams on their agenda.

Going into their Week 13 matchup with the Baltimore Ravens, the Browns can own a extraordinarily key playoff tiebreaker. In expose, the NFL’s tiebreaker programs first four are as follows:

  1. Head to transfer yarn between the two teams

  2. If within the the same division, divisional yarn

  3. Tale in same old video games

  4. Tale in convention

After that, the tiebreakers win the truth is convoluted adore “power of victory” and “power of agenda.”

With video games left towards all three AFC North foes, Cleveland has an opportunity to own the first tiebreaker towards Cincinnati and the 2d towards each Pittsburgh and Baltimore.

The Browns will, likely, wish to win now not decrease than four of their last 5 video games. Defeating all three divisional opponents would give them a demolish up head-to-head with the Ravens and Steelers whereas winning the head-to-head tiebreaker versus the Bengals.

Baltimore and Pittsburgh maintain already misplaced two video games within the division with, assumed for this conversation, another loss to Cleveland making that three. If the Browns win all three divisional video games, they’ll live the season with a divisional yarn of 4-2, taking any tiebreakers from all three teams within the AFC North.

No doubt, the team would maintain to win adequate video games to now not decrease than tie one of the assorted AFC North teams for a playoff save. That presumably potential winning that fourth sport, now not decrease than, however Cleveland is totally a half-sport within the reduction of the Steelers, one sport within the reduction of Cincinnati and two within the reduction of Baltimore.

Whereas the total video games are important to achieve the season, the divisional video games are extra important to place the Browns within the correct save to manufacture the playoffs.

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